About Camat

The company was launched about 5 years ago by the founder of the John Young Group and a multi -award winning signage company.
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A car enthusiast, passionate about cars and motor sport, John was told that creating an interior product finish to perfectly complement the exterior of his vehicle simply could not be done. As a print and digital industry veteran, John knew that there had to be a way, and set to work discovering a method to print one off a kind designs on robust materials.

The result, after many years of development, is a concept that has been taken to fruition and is now

used in Johns very own vehicle to dress the interior including dashboard, seats, side panels and central console.

The clients who are looking to use this service will be receiving the same treatment and product efficiency that the company founder trusts and uses in his own beloved sports car.

With Camat Design, you can transform the interior of your car, stylise the seating and furniture in your home, office or holiday establishment, and you can even add your own creative touch to your luggage. Camat’s services are also ideal for creating bespoke golf bags.

Camat Design provides a highly personalised service, enabling you to create a tailored look that perfectly showcases your personal style.


Durability, Longevity, Quality

The years spent developing the company have enabled us to pioneer a truly unique approach to printing on materials. Camat Design strives to ensure that each piece printed is made to last for many years to come. When developing a new design for a client, no matter the size of the project, we are committed to ensuring that durability, longevity and quality are at the centre of our approach.

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We are also dedicated to our artistic, graphic design roots. With our background, we make sure that imagination and design is at the heart of every project we work on.

We work alongside our clients to guarantee that the outcome is exactly what they had hoped to get. We are immensely dedicated to meeting deadlines and never compromising on the quality of the product that we present to our clients.

As we work our way up in the industry, it is our vision to become a global supplier. Our imaginative designs and our durable materials are already creating waves in the world of bespoke upholstery printing, and as we continue to gain attention for our luxury products, we hope to one day offer our Camat Design products in every country.

With these specially created materials, clients are guaranteed to be receiving something that is absolutely unique to their needs. No two designs are the same, since the upholstery is personalised according to what the client requests.

Camat Design provides clients with limitless options. Nothing is too complicated or complex and no project is too big or too small. Presenting our clients with utterly luxurious outcomes are our end goal and we always strive to be innovative in our approach, something which enables us to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things.


The Camat Approach

Collectively, the Camat Design team has years of experience in the design and printing world. We use our unique skills and our knowledge about the best design practices to ensure that the designs we create are all able to fit neatly into the required environment.

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We carefully consider the dimensions of the printing space and, using state of the art software, we can layout the design before printing. We do this so that we can determine where the pattern or image will be focused on the chair, within the car, or wherever else the upholstery will be fitted, before we go to print. This layout phase also gives our clients the chance to see the design in action, so to speak, and allows them to make those very important tweaks.

By working under the John Young Group banner, our team has learned from the founder himself, and when new developments or new innovations come to life, the team works together to improve on the service being offered.

We also make use of the best possible machinery, tools and traditional skillsets, which are specifically used to print vibrant and highly detailed designs and images on upholstery in our Camat Design material.

Camat Design pieces have the signature of quality from our master hand engraver who will put the mark of approval on each and every piece which is exquisitely hand engraved by our master craftsman which gives the product that final, highly exclusive finishing touch.

Each service we offer from Camat Design will be project managed from start to finish on a personal level, taking into consideration the client’s requirements, the scope of the project and the design of the image.

Each project is a one-off creation, and the final result is a priceless piece of art that will serve you well for many years to come.


Extreme Quality Test 012

Put through its paces in the Highlands of Scotland,
Camat has established itself as a product of superior quality.

Uniquely designed, printed and upholstered in our factory in Scotland, Camat material can transform any piece of furniture into a statement piece.

Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it has a soft luxurious feel suitable for all seating applications from schools to speed boats and operating theatres to opera houses.

Camat material is REACH compliant, phthalate free and anti-microbial.

Our product has been tested and certified for upholstery in extreme weather conditions, which makes it the best choice for outdoor seating.

Camat material can withstand 50 000 rubs from a Martindale machine without damaging or marking the top layer. This is tested as part of our 11 stage program and it ensures the suitability for high traffic, heavy duty areas.

With Camat material your are guaranteed a unique, bespoke product of excellent quality.


Comprising of some of the most talented and most creative individuals in the design world, the team which has driven Camat forward and enabled the company to become the leader on the forefront of innovation, is dedicated and more than able to work on projects of all complexities.

We understand the needs of our clients and we aim to go beyond their expectations, all to ensure that clients walk away with a product that is not only unique, but beautifully designed and manufactured.

Collectively, our team has many years of experience in the industry. John Young has been at the forefront of this journey and has shared his immense knowledge with those he works with, to ensure that the team knows everything they need to know.

Our experience also allows us to guide client ideas during the planning and design phase. We know what works best and we know how to assist clients in making the right decisions, so that their designs are able to accomplish the specific goal they have in mind.

We can take your bright ideas to greater heights and work alongside you to ensure the best possible results.

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Master Hand Engraver